AI Parc Technology is an autonomous and sovereign platform, enabling multidomain predictive analysis to be carried out for decision support, detection, equipment maintenance and security projects. It can be used for facial or voice recognition, anomaly detection, object tracking, semantic research, preventive equipment maintenance, predictive scenario simulation? The AI Parc is an ideal collaborative platform for IT teams and data scientists / AI engineer staff. Its MLOps infrastructure makes it easy to create and deploy AI projects while ensuring data security and integrity as it can operate in both open and closed datas sources. The IA Parc is a French and European alternative to the GAFAM offers, since it will be present in the public cloud, in SaaS and on premise for any data scientist independent consultant, SMEs as well as key accounts and institutions. IA Parc optimizes the cost of hardware through the unique ability to share GPU resources within teams, depending on the need for training neural networks or inference. It integrates the first prerequisites for a trusted AI that it will complete in future versions.
Digital transition
L'IA Parc accélère la création des projets d'IA. Il divise par 3 le temps de création et d'industrialisation des modèles d'IA complexes (deep learning). Il permet également de diviser par 2 les ressources nécessaires mobilisées pour l'entrainement des réseaux de neurones et l'inférence.