The management of rehabilitation, in order to avoid functional and aesthetic after-effects in the pediatric environment, has become essential. These patients need to be fitted with equipment according to their burns, and readjustment of these is necessary. This is why the Romans Ferrari rehabilitation center makes its own appliances thanks to the work of ortho-prosthetists and occupational therapists. From a 3D scan of the face and an organic 3D design software associated with a haptic arm, manufacturing of custom-made facial orthesis thanks to the 3D SLS technology. These orthoses allow the creation of compression points acting as a "massage" on the face of children with severe burns. The process is painless and revolutionizes traditional molding methods. The quality of the therapeutic response is achieved through : - A better adaptation of the solution to the patient's traumatology -The implementation of a perfectly adapted solution leads to greater patient comfort Result: a better treatment of the patient by obtaining the exact shape and details of the patient's face.
Exemplary partnership