Cosmyx is a designer and creator of French 3D printers engaged in a process of strong expansion and impregnation of additive manufacturing within French society, for the implementation of distributed manufacturing. This organizational model allows the relocation of productions on the national territory and a control of the environmental impacts. Our professional 3D printer, the Nova, is designed for distributed manufacturing, thanks to better repeatability and constant control of the production environment. Thanks to its proprietary operating system developed in France and its ability to be networked, the Nova makes industry 4.0 a reality. Connected to each other, the Novas offer the possibility of managing a production fleet from a computer or a smartphone. In addition, the quality of the Nova's mechanical elements has allowed us to develop an automatic ejection technology for 3D printed parts for better productivity. These strengths have enabled our ultra-connected 3D printer to become the production tool for Bee's Dream (1st prize at the 2021 Lépine competition). The Cosmyx Nova offers many possibilities for development with other innovative technologies. Technology partnerships are underway to increase the potential of additive manufacturing within the industry. And this in particular with VIACCESS ORCA, a subsidiary of Orange, to launch the first secure 3D production system.
Young start-up
50 % plus rapide à qualité équivalente qu'une Raise3D pro 2 Éjection automatique permettant de rentabiliser l'équipement 24h/24 sans intervention humaine et qui permet au minimum de doubler sa productivité.